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Role based security in Sonata Admin

A while ago I posted my first blog post in what I promised would be a series of blogposts surrounding the Symfony2 Sonata Admin Bundle. Finally, I have come around to writing the second blog post, this time about role … Continue reading

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Sorting on multiple columns in Sonata Admin

Recently, I have been developing again in Symfony2 using the Sonata AdminBundle. Yet again, I have stumbled on things that I thought were pretty common and easy, but I found it was very hard to find solutions for it. It … Continue reading

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Upcoming conferences I am involved in

There are a lot of PHP conferences throughout the world, but I would like to highlight three of them: Symfony Live London, PHPNW and CodeConnexx. I am involved in all three conferences, one way or another.

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How to use the Symfony2 SonataAdminBundle

I have been doing a lot of Symfony2 development lately for our project ProTalk and one of the things we needed was a backend for our database. This should be a fairly simple backend to start with, just an easy … Continue reading

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