Upcoming conferences I am involved in

There are a lot of PHP conferences throughout the world, but I would like to highlight three of them: Symfony Live London, PHPNW and CodeConnexx. I am involved in all three conferences, one way or another.

Symfony Live London

First of all, there is Symfony Live London, which will take place on 13th and 14th of September in The Brewery in London. It is the first Symfony Live event in the UK and I am very proud to be speaking there. My talk is about the Sonata Adminbundle and how you can use it to build easy backends for your website with it. We are using this bundle for ProTalk and I think it is a great bundle to create easy backends with. I will give an overview of the functionalities of this bundle and I will dive in some code to explain how to extend this bundle beyond the default functionality that is already supported. During the preparations, I will blog some more about the bundle, in addition to the documentation that can be found online.
There are still some tickets left for the conference, so hurry up and buy your ticket! If you are attending, come to hear me talk about this great bundle and say hi to me afterwards. I’d love to meet you!


In October (traditionally the first weekend of October) it is time for PHPNW in Manchester. I visited this conference last year for the first time and it is an awesome conference. Last year I spoke at the uncon about Quality Management and this year I am planning on speaking at the uncon again but on a totally different subject: The HTML5 canvas object. If you are there, come say hello to me. If you haven’t bought your tickets, there are still tickets left. Make sure you get your ticket because this awesome conference, you don’t want to miss!


CodeConnexx is a new conference organised by PHPWomen taking place in Indianapolis on the 8th and 9th of November. This conference is split into two days: one web day (not just PHP) and one day with soft skills / life talks. It is a small conference, but it will be awesome and there are a lot of female speakers on the list! I hope I can be there in person, but if not, I will still be there in spirit. If you are unable to go because you can’t afford the plane ticket to Indianapolis and you are in Europe, don’t be too disappointed because next year, this conference is coming to Europe! I will be one of the organizers of the European conference and I will make sure this conference will be a great addition to the already existing conferences out there. It will be around the same time in early november to make sure it doesn’t clash with other existing conferences. PHPWomen is planning to make this a yearly conference switching locations between the US and Europe every other year. I hope to see you there!

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