PHPBenelux 2012

Last week I visited the awesome PHPBenelux conference. I consider myself to be a phpbenelux veteran because I attended all editions of this conference. Although the very first edition was great already, the conference still manages to do better every year. This year there was not only a social on the friday evening but also an after party on saturday. Both social events were awesome and the conference itself was awesome too ofcourse. The conference is organised by the community and therefore it has a real community vibe that is present everywhere.

This year it was a first for me to attend the tutorials on friday morning as well as the conference. It was great to be part of the tutorial, it is a chance to dive deeper into a subject which in my case was “Mobile for PHP developers” by Ivo Jansch. He did a great job and explained everything very well with real world examples. The talks I attended on friday and saturday were very interesting. Not all were new topics to me, but sometimes it is good to be reminded about things you already know. Talking to old and new friends in the PHP community makes any conference even better and this was no exception. All in all, I had a great time last weekend.

We are now preparing a presentation at work to tell the rest of the colleagues what they missed out on and hopefully we can persuade some of them to join us next year. I for one, will definitely be there since this is a conference I really don’t want to miss, and neither should you!

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