ProTalk – Our secret project revealed

Together with my friend Kim Rowan, I recently started a project. The idea of this project came from her own experience. Since Kim is a newbie in the PHP world, coming from a Filemaker background, she saw a need for good online video and audio content where she could pick up ideas to investigate some more and learn proper PHP programming. Yahoo has something like this, called YUI Theater, but there is nothing like this for PHP as far as we know.

Our aim is to create an online community resource called ProTalk, that provides a central point of access to video and audio content with a PHP focus. On the web there are lots of video’s, podcasts, seminars and self-recorded talks spread out for us PHP developers to find, but we are lacking one central resource where we can find all this and it all comes together. At least, that’s what we think. So, we invite you to tell us what you think!

We feel that video and audio recordings have been an underrated medium for too long. We believe they actually provide an excellent vehicle for getting your ideas across and can be a more effective means of learning for beginners and professionals alike than the written word. Slides are great also, but so much of the message is lost without the speaker’s narration to guide you through. We know there are conferences that record the talks and we’d like to centralize all this content at ProTalk for easy access to everyone that is interested. Another important thing to emphasise here is that we propose to create a community-driven site. We will create, manage and maintain it, but we’ll need a regular flow of content and that’s where you come in!

This is an open call for your response to the following questions:

1. Do you think the PHP Community could benefit from a online resource providing a central point of access to video and audio content with a PHP focus?

2. Would you be willing to contribute video and/ or audio content to the site?

3. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how the site should look, or what functionality you would like it to have?

What we’re trying to do here is generate a conversation, so please don’t hold back. We want to know if the PHP community actually wants this and, if you do, what are your requirements? Anything else you might want to add is very welcome (no haters please). Leave a comment, email me or find me on twitter, whichever works best for you and let us know your answers to these questions!

I am at the phpnw conference this weekend in Manchester, if you would like to discuss your thoughts with me in person. I will also speak there about this project during the speed geeking in the unconference. Please feel free to come up and say hello – I would be very happy to talk a bit more about the project with you.

Check back here in November for a summary of the responses and what we plan to do next. We hope you are as excited about the concept as we are!

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15 Responses to ProTalk – Our secret project revealed

  1. Kenneth S says:

    1. Definitely, there are so many topics and roads to take in PHP that it would be good to have one place that has all the information.

    2. If I would have the knowledge to create decent lessons on video or audio I would. PHP lives thanks to it’s community

    3. An idea would be to have categories like PHP, ZEND Framework, Symphony …

  2. Shaun Hare says:

    1. Definitely, great idea.
    2. Allow all to contribute, and have select editors/moderators maybe?
    3. Definitely make it mobile friendly – learning whilst commuting is win win

    • Kim Rowan says:

      Thanks for commenting Shaun. Making it mobile friendly is a great suggestion – we’ll add that to our list. I agree that learning while commuting is win win.

  3. N den Breems says:

    1. absolutely! I am trying to learn PHP and web development, so I have been visiting meetings and learning a lot. I think this would be just as good a medium to learn.

    2. I would most sertainly, however at this time I don’t have any knowledge to share yet.

    3. In general if I want to lean something online, say music in my case. I try to find a tutorial on youtube, so I can see what I should do, a voice over takes you through the steps, and helps you on your way. It would be great to have acces to simular vidio’s that teach PHP!

  4. esnoeijs says:

    Yes I certainly think it would, I discovered the a few months ago and their format really worked for me, been learning lots of things. :)

    Yes. I probably would. But probably only once or twice just for the fun of it.

    I’d say take a look at khan academy, they did a lot of things right in terms of layout, accessing video’s and providing consistency.

    • Kim Rowan says:

      esnoeijs – thanks for your comments, and the link to Khan Academy, great site! On first glance I like the layout too. We’ll be sure to take a close look at how they present their video content. Thanks.

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  6. Andy Whale says:

    1. This sounds like a really great idea, having heard staff coming back from conferences and lectures where concepts have been explained so eloquently and inspirationally that the staff member feels driven to try out the technologies and really enhance their learning. Getting a good array of technical lecture videos would be a fantastic resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge.

    2. I think it needs to be filmed by people who feel they can inspire and really know their topic, although that said I think as with all PHP enthusiasts it would be great to be able to contribute.

    3. A good mix of cutting edge and basics for those starting out, leading from one to the other would allow a new generation of people to not only pick up PHP from the start but also see an easy natural progression to the cutting edge without feeling intimidated, i.e. “now you’ve seen this (level 1), how about trying this (it’s only level 2)”.

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  10. Ed Bernard says:

    I discovered your page while looking for PHP Audio resources to download;
    a fairly scarce resource, at present.

    It would be a good idea to have such a resource to centrally locate tutorials/scripts, but more importantly Podcasts.

    A useful adjunct to learning would be some form of Audio
    discussion/ tutorials on the structure and nuances of PHP coding.
    Especially when attempting to learn the language.

    The benefit of some form of Audio tutorial is that you can take it in
    anywhere, via MP3, and still appreciate the content while you are away from the computer.

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