Changing dbdeploy

I first learned about dbdeploy last year while watching Harrie Verveer talking at PfCongres about database version control. More recently he also wrote a blog post about it. At first I thought dbdeploy wasn’t interesting enough because of two limitations:

1. Dbdeploy could only handle numbering for patch numbers and would only apply patches based on the last applied patch number. Because at work we are using several branches in Subversion, patchnumbers would easily conflict with each other or patches wouldn’t be applied since the numbering would be too low.
2. Dbdeploy cannot handle PHP patches, it will only handle SQL patches.

At the Dutch PHP Conference (DPC) last May I attended a talk by Michiel Rook about Phing and dbdeploy and learned that it is all written in PHP. Afterwards I talked to Michiel about changing dbdeploy to fit my needs and he was very interested. That’s how it all got started and about two weeks after DPC I was rewriting dbdeploy to fit my needs. I only got to fixing the first limitation I mentioned, since PHP patches are less used and not as easy to add in dbdeploy.

To install and setup dbdeploy, I used this tutorial by Dave Marshall. It’s a very good article and following the instructions it’s very easy to get dbdeploy to work with patch numbering. To fix the problem I mentioned before, we are not using patch numbers, but timestamps instead. So instead of naming the patchfile something like 1-my-first-patchfile.sql, you should use something like 20110822221223-my-first-patchfile.sql.

To get this to work with dbdeploy, you need to change two things:

1. Use VARCHAR(20) for the change_number field in the changelog table in stead of BIGINT
2. Set the checkall attribute in the build.xml file to make sure that patchfiles are always executed (in order of timestamp ascending) even if the last patchfile that was applied has a newer timestamp than the patchfile that wasn’t applied already. Note: this attribute can also be used with patch numbers instead of timestamps.

An example of the build.xml file with the checkall attribute:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<project name="PurpleMonkey" basedir="." default="build">
    <!-- Sets the DSTAMP, TSTAMP and TODAY properties -->
    <!-- Load our configuration -->
    <property file="./" />
    <!-- create our migration task -->
    <target name="migrate" description="Database Migrations">
        <!-- load the dbdeploy task -->
        <taskdef name="dbdeploy" classname="phing.tasks.ext.dbdeploy.DbDeployTask"/>
        <!-- these two filenames will contain the generated SQL to do the deploy and roll it back-->
        <property name="build.dbdeploy.deployfile" value="deploy/scripts/deploy-${DSTAMP}${TSTAMP}.sql" />
        <property name="build.dbdeploy.undofile" value="deploy/scripts/undo-${DSTAMP}${TSTAMP}.sql" />
        <!-- generate the deployment scripts -->
            undooutputfile="${build.dir}/${build.dbdeploy.undofile}" />
        <!-- execute the SQL - Use mysql command line to avoid trouble with large files or many statements and PDO -->
            command="${progs.mysql} -h${} -u${db.user} -p${db.pass} ${} < ${build.dbdeploy.deployfile}"
            checkreturn="true" />

Note: These changes are implemented in version 2.4.6 of Phing.

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17 Responses to Changing dbdeploy

  1. Thanks Sandy!

    Didn’t know that exists. I had a quick look at it, but I will look into it further.

  2. Sandy says:

    well, if you have question you know where to find me :)

    We currently use an ATK version of DbPatch for all our products, and this is a rewrite that doesn’t need ATK anymore :)

  3. joeni says:

    Thanks, worked for me.

    Had a “small problem” on 32bit systems, because dbdeploy uses the intval function. On 32bit systems this function is not compatibel with the datetimestamp used for the delta scripts: max is 2147483647.

  4. great share.
    btw i had the same problem coz i m on 32bit system

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